About me

I love to adventure, to eat good food, to read, to travel when the wallet allows me that luxury, take photographs of anything, and writing.

Lately I have picked up mountain hiking. My knees aren’t too happy about this new craze but they will come around.

I will be writing about anything and everything. Some will be interestingly funny and some will not. Some will be about nothing in particular.

I work during the day time. The daytime employee kind of thing. I am employed by some artificial individual created by Law.

My village Bura Ngweny, some ka simple village placed right in the middle of the red soils of Mucwini in Chua county Kitgum district, and the Acholi language will find it’s way into my writings here. It always does! But not to worry, I shall be your living dictionary!

Let’s see how this new adventure pans out!

Happy reading!

Published by Latin Mucwini

I like food. I read. I exercise. And I am Luo. I am on this adventure called writing. Cannot wait to see where this goes

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