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Kampala traffic jam & the village food queue

By Laker Winfred L Some drivers in the Kampala jam remind one of the food queue at a church function in the village. There’s always that one person, that person ahead of you. That one person that is oblivious of the people behind him. He is mostly laid back. The kind that is not-bothered-by-many-things laidContinue reading “Kampala traffic jam & the village food queue”

Day 5 at Rwenzori: Summit to Margherita peak!

By Laker Winfred L Our climb to the Promised land was an estimate of  3.8km and could have taken anything from 6 hours onwards. The distance from Irene Lakes to the peak, you should know, is shorter with less rope manenos compared the Camp Elena route. So we were in luck! Our ETA at theContinue reading “Day 5 at Rwenzori: Summit to Margherita peak!”

Day 4 at Rwenzori: Irene Lakes campsite

By Laker Winfred L Day 4 of our stay in the mountains fell on the first day of March 2021. A slightly sunny day. We left camp Omuihembe at about 10:40am for Irene Lakes campsite. I was happy the guides had settled on taking us to Irene Lakes instead of Camp Elena. The stories IContinue reading “Day 4 at Rwenzori: Irene Lakes campsite”

Day 3 at Rwenzori: Bigo to Omuihembe camp

Your third attempt at something is bound to be way better than when you started off. 3 is a number of good fortune of sorts; and so was my third day at Rwenzori. But before I tell you about the greatness of day 3, let me rant about day 2 night manenos; which were aplenty.Continue reading “Day 3 at Rwenzori: Bigo to Omuihembe camp”

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