My journey to Rwenzori: Travel day to Kasese

By Laker Winfred L Our expected time of departure from Kampala to Kasese was supposed to be 9 am, but waah! And me I kerad bulungi. I was early. Too early if you ask me! 7:30 am got me at departure point. I never like those things of anxiety mbu I have been left behind,Continue reading “My journey to Rwenzori: Travel day to Kasese”

Day 2 at Rwenzori: From Nyabitaba to Bigo camp

We left Nyabithaba hut, which is approximately 2,651m ASL at about 8am for Bigo camp after our breakfast of millet porridge, tea, bread and other meals I don’t remember. There are things you will need to know. Once you are done with your meals and ready to hit the road, the porters will pack upContinue reading “Day 2 at Rwenzori: From Nyabitaba to Bigo camp”

My journey to Rwenzori: The preparation!

You see those models strutting their stuff on the fashion week runway in Milan? Yes? Those runway gods did not get to where they are by doing nothing. They did practice. They learned. They sweated. They struggled. There were tears. They worked hard at it. There was pain. There was rage. They became who theyContinue reading “My journey to Rwenzori: The preparation!”

My journey to Rwenzori: Decisions, decisions

When the chaps up the mountain finally returned to base camp in Kasese I was anxious to hear their stories. They started off with the not so good parts of the hike. The hard and challenging parts. The initial pictures posted on the WhatsApp group sowed seeds of doubt in my mind. I didn’t likeContinue reading “My journey to Rwenzori: Decisions, decisions”

My journey to Rwenzori: How it all started.

These past weeks, I have been in a floating state of sorts. In a daze. I had no balance whatsoever. No feeling. Nothing. I was like a cloud not sure of where to let loose its drops, because, even I cannot believe I actually hiked to the highest point in Uganda! Margherita peak! 16,763 ft.Continue reading “My journey to Rwenzori: How it all started.”

The curious things in a bus at Namayiba bus terminal

“Soda, water, soda, water?” “Power bank, headphones, memoli cards?” “Sista? Breakfasti?” “Chips, river, chips, river?” “Buksi, buksi blaaza? Buksi sista?” Those are bus hawkers moving through the bus isle and shoving their wares at you. It comes in various degrees. Some overtly intrusive. Some overtly aggressive. And some, simply annoying. I decided to observe andContinue reading “The curious things in a bus at Namayiba bus terminal”

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