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Ciko lunyodo when going back to school

The Acholi have a saying that only dogs sneak off without saying goodbye. Dano pe lwi, gwok aye lwi. And the Acholi in Mucwini, and anywhere else are special at doing this ciko dano thing. One will never just walk back to their home or wherever they came from without bidding farewell, unless of course,…


Odwar had had a long day at the shamba with the rains that had settled in. It was August. That time when everyone serious was making a final attempt at planting. The last season of the year. He half smiled as he entered his homestead, knowing that his efforts would pay off again this year.…


SometimesYou and I, OkelloAre like downtown KampalaOn a sunny Saturday3 days to a school term openingPandemonium!We become a din of madnessOne nice chaos to another bad oneStubbornly unwilling to sail across The hordes of people To the sea of forgivenessYetWe weave our way through somehowPlant our feet firmly on the groundAnd walk through the crazinessTo…

My magic potions

You bedazzle me, Awobi!You entertain my madnessLit wiya ni pe ilworoYou love me kede like thatYou awaken the genie in meIneno ber na that others don’t seeYou see uncut diamond where I see nothingYou are one in 3,000 yearsYou are 0.89274 of 99%A rare percentage occurrenceYou are that flight of love to boardLighting through the…

Hills of Paidha

I will not ask for rosesI grow those I will not ask for chocolateI am watching my waistline I will not ask for anything redIt may get us beaten I will ask for you, OkelloYou is all I want this 14th You make my heartbeat riseLike the hills of Paidha By Laker Winfred L

Karama is for Min Ot

This Nalweyiso girl. She sends me subtle annoying text messages. Says I can keep the ring. While she keeps the man. She does not know who the real keeper of the man is. An. Me. Min Ot. People do not call me Min Ot pa Okello for nothing. I am the wife. She is the…

When her Chi is dancing Myel-lyel

Growing up, there were days when you would feel ignored. Extremely ignored by the adult of your affection in the homestead. The neck of the house. The human whose core is the center of your happiness. Your mother. If she was happy, you were happy. If she was sad, you were sad. If her Chi…


Back in the day in Chua county Mucwini. Around that time when Oxfam came and helped rid us of Guinea worm; two choo. Before the war pa Abiro came and we had to go all the way to Lubone through Paloga as oring-ayela. Refugees……. Before Alice Lakwena took our fathers to war and some never…

Electricity shenanigans

Every neighborhood has that one influential person. Ours is Jedekaya. We call him Jedii, with the double “i” intensely pronounced. I don’t know how the “e” was dropped. Don’t ask me. His friends call him Jed. But if you came to our village on a hot Sunday afternoon looking for Jed, we will point you…

Cwara Mara

Dear Future Husband, Once upon a time, in Gulu town; long before we became a city, long before our dirt roads got lined with thick layers of tarmac and solar lights lit our nights, before they mended the walls around Pece stadium, renamed, and fenced it off, there was a lela, a type of bicycle,…


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